Publish Date : 24 Jan 2023, 02:28 PM | City : Mumbai | Category : Entertainment | Editor : Chinmayi Sawant

Lash Entertainment FZ LLC appoints Mr. Digant Sharma to raise USD 353 Million to develop AAA Video Game on Sanatana Dharma’s history

Lash Entertainment FZ LLC, a leading video game development company, recently appointed Mr. Digant Sharma, the founder Francture Brands Private Limited to raise USD 353 million to develop an AAA video game on Hindu Gods to connect the new generation with Sanatana Dharma.ased out of Abu Dhabi, UAE, Lash Entertainment FZ LLC is a leading video game development company, headed by Mr. Abhilash Nadukkandy. It designs game concepts for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC which are motivated by the heroes based on the Sanātana Dharma’s history.